‘Songe à la douceur, d'aller là-bas vivre ensemble.’ [‘Think how sweet it would be, to go and live there together.’] Baudelaire's desire to travel that resonates with women's aspirations to see the world. Far from convention and with the international dimension of mod's hair, our autumn-winter combines the richness of cultures in the plural. From Paris to Tokyo via Los Angeles, we have created three collections where sharp fashion, natural beauty and graphic architecture dress the hair of freedom. From a cheeky perfection of lines where restraint hides passion, Japanese aesthetics celebrate modernity. To better respond to the Parisian woman, rebellious and captivating, who breaks the rules to assert her chic and elegant style. To the Californian, blowing a breath of madness on Venice boulevard. A contrast to the norms, these women have a resolutely rock'n'roll and totally unconventional style, like a return to mod's hair origins in 1968.


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